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Late-Season Vineyard Report
By Pablo, Vineyard Manager

The vineyard is producing a robust crop of grapes this year. All indications for an early ripening compared to last year. Many things to credit the crop production. Our spray program put our crop out front. Steady rain gave our vines plenty of water to drink. Mild temperatures not exceeding 90 celsius did not stress out the fruit. The vines in the West row’s rebounded nicely after they contacted herbicide drift. As our grapes ripen we now have to check the sugar levels. Miss Sandy checks them for brix. One day this week we must cover the rows with bird netting to protect crop from birds eating our fruit. Our friends who help harvest will be getting called soon. I say that the increased fruit volume and larger size grapes will produce more award winning wines. Cheers! To you my friends.

Regards, Pablo

Vineyard Grapes  

Mid-Season Vineyard Report
By Pablo, Vineyard Manager

I am happy to report a larger than normal volume of fruit this year. By all indications the vineyard is on target for a record harvest. The grapes are maturing nicely with larger clusters of grapes. We started our spray program in mid-April and have made seven applications by mid-season. There are no indications of insect damage or fungus throughout the vineyard only four bird’s nests. The Brianna grapes are already nearly two centimeters in size which is greater than mid-season last year. All the Marquette vines are also producing well. I’ve noticed the Petite Pearl like to grow under a canopy of leave foliage to provide shade. The most noticeable standout as I walk the vineyard rows is Frontenac Blanc. As I would say, Mucho Gusto!

Regards, Pablo




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